to AF Gen. Robin Rand

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

to AF Gen. Robin Rand


Adam Levine and Russell Crowe

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Steve Jobs

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

I cried for a month when I remembered Steve Jobs.  He had died some time earlier and I mourned with the rest of the country.  I want to write this to let you know how I knew him and perceived him.  He was a good-natured, handsome, funny, candid genius.  I liked him enormously.  People say he was a visionary genius and I’d say that pretty much sums him up.  A very cute, very funny, self-assured, visionary genius.  He was a national treasure.

I don’t know what the film says about Jobs, because I know the people who put it together –  and I know the same people made up lies about Abraham Lincoln and passed them off as fact when they learned Spielberg was doing a film about Lincoln.

Steve Jobs made arrangements to have me name a product he was working on, because he told me, he liked the name ‘Windows’ and wanted to meet the woman who thought that up.

Steve and Bill had recently broken up.  He said he and Bill had different ideas of how to use the program they bought from Xerox, and it was better if they worked separately.  He felt that having Gates as a competitor made him more creative and driven because, Steve felt, Bill set the bar so high.  It was very clear Steve was exceedingly fond of Bill.  Imagine that!

Before Steve agreed to have me name his product, he agreed to use Apple in the company name, since Rita (one of my keepers) used Apple as code to indicate her Satanic church influenced or named the product.  That was such a limiting decision on his part.  Neither Steve nor I knew anything about the Satanic church or the significance of naming the company Apple.  Steve and I talked very briefly about organized religion in general, and Buddhism in particular.  Buddhism was our favorite organized religion because it preaches that happiness is attained through altruism. 

  I went through all the Apple scenarios I could think of and then decided to think of varieties of apples.  I named the computer Macintosh, because I said, people could then call it Mac.  After explaining to Rita that Macintosh was a type of apple, she agreed to let Steve call the computer Mac.

At some point in the conversation I called someone an i-dot, instead of idiot.  When I explained that it meant idiot, Steve wanted to make sure I wasn’t talking about him.  I told Steve I didn’t know him well enough.  He said I was probably the only person who would be able to say that and live to tell about it.  Then I added I doubted I would ever call him that, since he was so smart.  That made him happy.

Somewhere along the line he had asked if I thought he was narcissistic, to which I replied, “Maybe when I get to know you better.  There, that’s two things: now I’ll really have to get to know you better.”  When I said that I was hoping he’d let me get to know him better.  I liked him and we thought on the same wave length.  It was extremely easy to communicate with him.  The energy between us was palpable, we needed so few words it was as if the ideas were flying like sparks between us.  Nobody else at the barbeque said a word, saying, watching us was the most interesting thing they had ever seen.

Steve had mentioned he had other ideas for other products.  So I suggested we name those, too, since he was in my backyard at my blue house in NJ, and he said he was from California.  I told him my brain felt pretty good that day and he should take advantage of that. 

He agreed, saying he hadn’t discussed the products with anyone.  He wasn’t sure he could even think of the right words to describe them because they were just concepts.  I told him to give it a go.

Steve started out by saying he wanted to use a word like intelligent design or ID for the products, but he didn’t want it confused with Intel.  I said, “First of all, intelligent design is too long a name – it’s six syllables and my limit is five, and ID is always thought of as identification, so I don’t like either of those.  But,” I said, “I’ll keep in mind that you like that.  You’re not going to limit me to apples again?  Are you?”

Steve turned around and looked at Rita, who said something along the lines of ‘The Company’s called Apple?”

Steve nodded.

“Then I don’t care what you call anything else.”

I wondered, ‘then why are we calling the computer Macintosh?’

“So, do you two work together?”  I was puzzled by their relationship.  I never knew why Rita brought people to my back yard barbeques.  I never knew my time was rented out and the ideas I came up with were paid for.  I never remembered meeting the people I helped.

“No,” Rita replied, “just pay attention to what you’re doing.”

Keeping in mind his comment about narcissism I said, “I have it.  You could use the ‘I’ from intelligent, only make it a small ‘i’ and attach it in front of the product name.  Like?  Give me a product,” I beckoned with my hand.

He talked a little bit about music, about songs, he wanted to make a gizmo (he didn’t like it when I called his ideas gizmos) that would play songs and could fit in your shirt pocket.  I asked about how that would happen and he said he had worked for Atari doing the sounds for the games and he thought that such a gizmo was definitely doable.

 “iPlayer doesn’t sound very good.  It will have to be a new word because it doesn’t exist yet.  That’s one of the tricks to naming; it has to sound really good.  A name should only be two syllables if you can do it, I go for one to five syllables,” I told him.  “So these songs, they must be tiny, right?  Like the head of a pin?”

Steve tried to explain it wouldn’t be anything physical it would just all be contained on the drive of the player and you could fit about a thousand songs on a device smaller than a pack of cigarettes.  I said I  wanted to think of them as tiny seeds because I have to picture something to name it, and I could fit a bunch of tiny seeds in my hand and they would represent the songs.  I almost immediately thought of a pod that would contain the seeds, so I said – “iPod” and I walked over to write it on Steve’s pad to show him what I meant but he had already written it, so I knew he got it!  That’s never happened before or since. (You wouldn’t believe the aggravating half-day I wasted explaining the beauty of the name ‘Windows’ to Bill Gates.  But this – with Steve – this was really very invigorating.  “It’s got a name, my idea has a name!  You’ve made it real.  Thank you!”

I asked, “What’s another name for song?”  My baby daughter, Alicia, who was playing with the other children on the lawn called out, “Tunes.”  I became very excited because it was a wonderful word and I told Steve that’s what you’ll call them, iTunes.  “So,” I said, “the iTunes will live inside the iPod.”

I called out to Alicia to thank her for her idea of ‘tune.’  “Alicia please come here, I need a hug for that.”  Alicia hopped up and ran over and I had her stand on the backyard step and I gave her a big hug and told her she was a smart girl and I was so proud of her.

While I was hugging her, I heard Rita say to Steve, “What are you writing, now?”

Rita had been sitting on the back stoop right next to Steve.  She looked over his shoulder and saw that he wrote, ‘I need a hug for that.’

“Oh, so now she’s giving you parenting advice is she?” she asked angrily.

He said he could use some because he had a daughter about Alicia’s age.  And since he wasn’t married to the girl’s mother he hoped that she was a good mother.   Rita scoffed.

He told me he’d been watching me set up for the party with Alicia’s help.  He said now that he’d seen our interaction he thought he should be more involved with his daughter, and Steve said he was thankful to me for that.  He said a light was just turned on in his life.

Steve stopped Alicia before she went back to play and he told her how smart he thought she was.  He said he expected great things for her.  He told her he’d like it if she would come to work for him when she was done with college, or before if she lived in his area of California.  He said he’d been watching her set up for the party and he thought she showed more independent thought and initiative than most adults, and added, “iTunes – I love it!  I need a hug for that, too.”  He gave her a hug and she ran off to play.

Alicia was almost four.

Steve went on to say to me he didn’t know that light even existed.  It was like that whole part of his life had been shrouded in darkness.   His ideas were clearer, his life was clearer, his relationships were clearer.  He’d always thought a father was someone who showed up from time to time and was hard on his children and put them down and never said anything constructive.  He had been taking notes as I set up for the party with Alicia; and he apologized that he thought I was the caterer. 

We worked together for a few minutes and named the “i” products Steve wanted to develop like iPhone, and later, sometime in the foreseeable future, iMac.    We both got excited thinking about the future.  He said, “This is better than sex.”

 We got back to the computer that brought him to me in the first place.  The Mac had to be developed first to make the technology available to his newly conceived products.  We talked a little about calligraphy and the proper way to hold a pen, etc.  I asked Steve if he could get someone to work on programming fonts.  He perked up and thought that was definitely doable and would be pretty easy.  (That turned out to be harder to accomplish than he thought.)

I asked about a logo.  Steve said he had a picture, drawn by one of his co-workers, hanging in his office, of a man sleeping under an apple tree.  I said he should call the sleeping man Sir Isaac Newton.  Steve made a phone call to see if Sir Isaac Newton was the scientist associated with the law of gravity because he was hit by an apple as he sat under an apple tree, and I was right, he was.

I got a pencil and paper and drew an apple with a leaf, in case he wanted another logo.  Someone, I think it was Rita, said to put a bite in it because the bite was the most important part.

Then we talked about how it would look.  I also drew a picture of what I thought the Mac should look like.  I designed the rounded body computer and suggested colored plastic casings.  I thought it should come in colors because I didn’t like the dirty white color all desktop computers came in.  He was excited about that since he liked the Arts and wanted his computer to be the one people would think of when they used graphics programs.  We both thought graphics programs were very important.  It was wonderful talking to him, he was right, it was better than sex.

He liked the design a lot and made a phone call to ask if the computer were rounder than a typical monitor, could the case house the CPU? Whoever answered thought that was a brilliant idea.

I said he had to start by getting the music industry to produce music in a format that could be called iTunes so when the iPod was complete there would be tunes to fill it.  (Neither of us knew there were already such things as MP3 files because they were only used within the music industry.)  Steve wanted to know why I thought that was important to start with.  I told him if he knew it was possible, others might know how to get that done, so he best start on that straight away.  I said the new type of computer will be just that, but the iPod will be a whole new world.

I ended by saying, “All these things are just stuff.  They’re ideas and soon they’ll be stuff, gizmos, and none of it will ever be as important as your daughter.”

He thanked me again for showing him a parent can make a significant difference in a child’s life.  He thought if he could keep himself from behaving aloof and condescending like his own dad, he’d be able to make a real and positive difference in his daughter’s life.

Years and years later, I remember at least one time when Steve called, I didn’t know it was Steve, I thought it was someone who worked for Apple: because I didn’t remember any of this until very recently.  At any rate, he called to ask me for another name, and Peter yelled to me could I think of a name for an Apple product?  I asked Peter to ask what it did.  Peter told me, and I said, “What about iPad?”  Steve told Peter they’d been working on the product for two years and couldn’t name it.  About two hours later I heard on the news that Steve Jobs announced a new product called an iPad.

I had the conversation in 2003 with Rita that I detail in my ebook, ‘the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen.’  I moved to Maryland six weeks after that.  Rita and Peter still had access to me while I lived in Maryland.  This is what I remember of Rita and Peter’s conversation while I lay drugged with a coma drug.  Steve must have called in 2007 to get another product name and he was told Peter and I were divorced.

Rita said right after Steve hung up with her, he hired a private investigator to find me.  I can only assume someone who worked closely with Steve, found out and told Rita.  The cult got to the detective and discovered he found me in five minutes but decided, since it was Steve Jobs, he would say it took him weeks.  All the detective had to do was to call my last known phone number, which he got from Steve, to get my current number.  He called me to verify my new number and got me; and he never told Steve.  The investigator told me anyone else would’ve gotten my number for his minimum fee.  If the investigator hadn’t been so greedy, Steve may still be alive.  The cult now knew Steve wanted to meet with me.

I heard Rita and Peter conspire to give Steve cancer because Rita didn’t want us to end up together.  Rita asked Peter, “Can you imagine what the world would be like if the two of them got together?”

“Pretty good, I imagine,” Peter responded.

“That’s just it.  We can’t let that happen!”

I heard Peter say something, to which Rita replied, “No, no.  No message.  We’re not sending a message.  We can’t let anyone know.  No one can know it was us, not even the church, because this isn’t a good enough reason.  Steve would never let us do what we’re going to do so we’d have to kill him sooner or later anyway.  We’ll just make him believe that she would have nothing to do with him while he was sick.”

I tried my best to respond but couldn’t.  I’d been given a drug that causes comas.  I could hear but I couldn’t move or respond.

I was tortured and told not to remember.

The private detective never called back and he never gave Steve my number.  I think that makes him partially responsible for Steve’s murder.

Soon after that Steve Jobs got cancer.

 I have partially escaped Peter’s church, which kept me prisoner for so many years.  Since then my health has improved and memories, that the church erased, have recently surfaced.  I’ve written my ebook, the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen.about a conversation I had with Rita Denman following my divorce.  In it I explain how the Satanic church gives people cancer, and how they get away with murder.

Coming out of amnesia has been a living nightmare.

My ebook, ‘Garden of the Light, is my book of poetry, and philosophy.

Moral of this story – Name your ideas to make them real.  Treat your children like they are children of God.

My Last Will and Testament

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Last Will and Testament

Grace Campion Gardener

514 Americas Way # 3212, Box Elder, SD 57719

                                    January 31, 2014


When I left my home to travel in my little old RV, I thought I would be on the road for about a year.  I was very wrong.  I knew I should have as little contact with my daughters as possible because I assumed the people who kept us prisoners would want to know where I was by torturing my daughters.  I gave them vague references about where I was.  I thought that once the cult found out they couldn’t get any information out of them they would stop torturing them.  John Alexander said it didn’t stop them – “They’ll never stop,” he told me.

When John Alexander came he confirmed that my daughters were being used as slaves just as I was, and that they’re routinely tortured in an effort to get them to hate me.  At this point my daughters are both in their 30s and that torture has never worked – and yet they continue it.  My youngest daughter, Liberty Jane, was even hit by a car traveling 40 miles an hour, as she crossed the street.  She was set up by the man who took her out on a date and the other who drove the car, and it was her father, Peter Mickelsen of Hopatcong NJ and his beloved princess Rita Denman of Succasunna NJ, who ordered the hit.  I still can’t get them to leave the area: every time I do the next time I talk to them they have no recollection of telling me that they would move away.  I can’t go and get them because we would all be killed.

Now that I know they get tortured every time I talk to them on the phone, it’s difficult to talk about anything, and I haven’t been calling and I know it hurts them.  Liberty and I were both very athletic and strong as children and now we’ve been crippled by her father and his cult.

I want everything I have (roughly $10,000) to go to them and their half sister, Miranda.  Alicia should be the executor. I would like to keep the rig in storage as it may come in handy for projects in the future.  I’d like to keep the couch and everything above it and any decorations in the rig as part of the rig, everything else can go to my daughters if they want it.

First my daughters Alicia and Liberty Mickelsen of Hoboken NJ, have to be rescued.  I believe AF Gen. Robin Rand has experience in that area and he should be the one to set the plan in motion.  He is a good man and a very intelligent officer.  The three of them should be considered national treasures.

There is one-hundred million currently offered as a bounty on me that won’t be paid.  I don’t think it exists, but any portion that does exist should go to Alicia and Liberty Mickelsen as that money is money we earned as slaves for the RAND Corp.  Also, I have money that has been put away for me by several celebrities, songwriters and musicians;  that I would like to be used by Alicia and Liberty to open a non-profit that will create labs to test our food supply, drugs and supplements: and possibly to send up a satellite over the North Pole where there are microwave towers breaking up the polar ice caps.  Those are my priorities.

As far as  my daughters, Alicia and Liberty Mickelsen, and United States security – I’d like them to be consulted and use my book ‘the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen’ as a guide.  They were taught by me since they were tiny children and so they will know the righteous path to take.  Also Gen. Robin Rand should be the major consultant as he has a wealth of knowledge in the field of war and terrorism.  World War III is boiling as we speak.  Between Gen. Rand and Alicia and Liberty Mickelsen the situation should be able to be defused in a timely manner.

Alicia and Liberty are abducted and used in torture and rape rituals.  They also are slaves for the RAND Corporation, the same corporation that used me as a slave.  They do the same work as I did, naming, consulting, script work, and advertising.  I don’t know if they do anything for the NSA or NASA, as I did, or anything in the field of science; but they are slaves and never receive a dime.  I would like the government to shut down the RAND Corporation for tax evasion and using slave labor.

I apologize for not seeing any of my daughters for so long, but it was their safety that I was concerned for.  I want them to know I love them more than life.  I am enormously proud of them.  I’ll be right here.


Grace Campion Gardener

AKA Lynn Mickelsen

# 3212 Box Elder, SD 57719  January 31, 2014


Saturday, February 1st, 2014

If anything happens to my daughters or me, these are the people responsible.



The devil is the king and queen of the cult.  Rita Denman of Succasunna, New Jersey, is the elder princess.  And  Peter Mickelsen of Hopatcong New Jersey is the elder prince

Rachel Simon previously of West Orange, New Jersey is the Princess.

Eric Gutermuth previously of West Orange, New Jersey is the new Prince

Rita orders monthly tortures, druggings, beatings and rapes.

Peter murders and rapes both for his own enjoyment and to carry out the wishes of Rita and the cult.

Many of the crimes are on tape.  The tapes used to be kept in a false wall in the back of Rita’s basement.  This information was posted on a website that was taken down by the cult so they must have moved this critical information by now.   The tapes and pictures and army intelligence torture drugs, date rape drugs and sodium pentothal are important evidence because they corroborate these allegations.


According to John Alexander, together the cult is responsible for to thousands of rapes, thousands of  psychological and physical disorders,  countless victims with permanent brain damage, and thousands of murders, with over a hundred of these are teenage suicides.  Rita says she is responsible for all the teen suicides in North Jersey for the Past forty years.   Babies are sacrificed to Peter to be raped and tortured.  This continues for all of that child’s life.  If they don’t accept evil they are killed.

Both Rita Zot Denman and George Denman’s Parents were in the cult.  They were chosen to marry as soon as it was determined Walter Denman would not be the cult Prince.  The Zot and Denman Parents all died in their early fifties.

Those who question them are killed.

Their cult symbol is a swastika.  Their goal is world domination but they do not want to stand out or be famous.   Rita says Peter and she rule all of North Jersey.


***  Rita and George Denman and their children Celeste and Leigh.  3 Elmwood dr. Succasunna New Jersey  973-927-0167 

Rita is the Princess and George, Celeste and Leigh are her minions or “drones”. George, Celeste and Leigh are drugged and tortured into submission.

Rita works from home.  George’s work address was The Oxford Group, 1055 Parsippany Blvd. Suite 406, Parsippany, New Jersey 07054. 973-316-8111

These people will not be helpful in an investigation.

Search for-

  • Keep torture, date-rape and other mind altering drugs, videos and photos of rapes and tortures behind a wall in the back of their basement.
  • Has a cult meeting in their basement at 3:30am on the Friday of or the Saturday closest to the full moon.  Rita had double soundproofing put in her basement for these rape/torture Parties.
  • This incriminating evidence may have been moved since Rita told me about them.


Rita ordered hundreds of rapes and tortured many hundreds of women and children.  Caused permanent brain damage and irreparable mental harm.  She “helped” hundreds of teenagers commit suicide.

They have a cellar with double soundproofing –(That can be checked, I am sure) and a well.  May have a septic system as well.

Is the putrid princess of the cult.  She was born on April first.  This is nine months after satanic cults’ breeders day, July first.  She was bred to be the Princess.  She has something like seven brothers all bred to be the Princess but she was the only one who was female.  The brothers were never made prince.  Rita chose Peter to be her prince because she knew he was already a rapist and murderer.  All those years of breeding in the cult were for naught because Rita chose Peter.  Rita claims to love Peter.  She keeps him in line by shoving a cattle prod up his rectum, drugging him and telling him what to do.  This is some kind of mind control. To Rita it is love.

     Even though Peter has been to doctors on several occasions to cauterize his rectum because of the uncontrollable bleeding Rita has caused; he voraciously continues to follow her directives.

Peter has an IQ of somewhere in the nineties according to Peter.  Rita has made him her puppet.  She makes him kill at her whim.  She makes him want to kill his wife, she tells him his wife will never love him, she tells him not to love his wife or his children even though they love him, and then she shoves a cattle prod up his anus, drugs him, tortures him and he believes her.

And on and on.  He was so badly abused as a child it is easy for him to believe her.  It is easy for Peter to confuse anal rape with a cattle prod as love. Rita knew this when she first questioned him under sodium penithol.


     Rita herself was bred to be the Princess.  She does not know who her father is.  She is over six feet tall and both her Parents were under five two.  She thinks she is small.  But she is six one and four hundred pounds.  The fact that she was born on April first, nine months after breeders day (Oct. 1st), should tell her something.  She told Lynn that her daughter was expected to be the next Princess and so she was repeatedly raped and tortured.  Lynn pointed out to Rita the same thing must have happened to her.  That was the first time Rita ever heard or thought of that.

     Rita was thankful though, once she figured out what Lynn said, that she had been raped so many times because now she hated sex and hated every one and hated herself and that made her a perfect Princess, she said.

     Her brothers were not appreciative of her choice of Peter Mickelsen as the prince.

     Rita had to keep everyone happy with Peter and hating Lynn.  That is her full-time job.  She loves Peter so that was a mission of mercy and she hates Lynn so she has to have everyone see Lynn as she does.

     Keeping her prince, Peter, hating his wife Lynn using torture and drugs is her life-long joy and mission.

Everyone in the cult knows Rita cannot make a mistake.  She is perfect.  If she hates Lynn — everyone must hate Lynn.  She went so far as to have someone posed as Lynn in northeast Maryland.(See the other Lynn)  If she loves Peter everyone must love Peter.  If she is a murderer everyone is a murderer.  If she is a rapist everyone is a rapist.  If she hates herself –everyone has to hate themselves.

Rita called Lynn before her death to tell her she was going to have her minions kill her by dissecting her while she was alive.  She went on to tell her why.

(see campaign to discredit Lynn) link at end of paragraph


In the process Rita told Lynn all about the cult and the cult’s activities.  She told Lynn the names of all the members that Lynn knew and a handful of the murders.  She told Lynn about the history of the cult and of all cults.  Rita told Lynn she was the Princess of the cult and what that meant and how she became the Princess.


Rita said she loves to hear the screams of “youn’lins'” ,  she strips up plastic insulation off of an extension cord and uses the cord to torture infants.

She did this with Peter and Lynn’s children and all the children who were born to the people who were in the cult.  She did this with her own children.

Rita hates her husband George.  She hates her children.  She hates herself.  She was born and bred to marry Walter Denman, the older brother of George Denman.  Walter was not evil enough to become the prince of the cult so a campaign began on to have Walter commit suicide.  When that did not work Walter was allowed to live until Rita decided he should die.

(see the death of Walter Denman) link at end of paragraph


The reason Rita has so many brothers is because her family was the one who was supposed to have the Princess and Rita’s mother had to keep trying to have a girl.  One of Rita’s brothers should have been made prince if Walter was not going to be the prince.  Both Walter Denman’s family and Rita Zots family have been in the cult for so many generations and have been faithful followers and that the cult felt they were expected to have children who would be good as leaders of the cult.

The tests that they do periodically on the children of the cult turned out that Walter would not be a good prince.  But the family Denman should have someone marry Rita so George, Walter’s younger brother was chosen to marry Rita.  Rita married George as part of her Princess duties but felt nothing but hatred toward him.  She had two children with him but felt that since George was so stupid and ordinary that the children would not be expected to be anything special in the cult.

Rita has been told she is the most evil Princess ever and from her litany of murders, rapes and tortures perpetrated on infants, babies, children and women: I would tend to believe her.

Rita hated Lynn from the moment she saw her with the passion for hate that was instilled in her since infancy.  If Peter were to marry, he should marry her.  But Peter chose Lynn.

I don’t know what Rita’s position in the cult is at this point.  The new Princess, Rachel Simon was probably installed as Princess very recently and I don’t know how that affects Rita’s position.


***  Peter Mickelsen

  No house phone only a cell phone.  973-229-9975 and 973-229-9973.  12 Pebble Beach Rd., Hopatcong, New Jersey


I have separate pages on Peter because his crimes are so numerous.  He keeps mementos from his murder victims.  His house contains evidence, including photos or videos, drugs and mementos.

He has a cellar, a well and septic.

Guilty of multiple murders and many if not most of the violent rapes in New Jersey, Ate a toddler alive.


Peter’s parents raped him from infancy.  Peter’s father raped him while Peter’s mother watched.  Peter says he was the Boston strangler.  While this is almost impossible to believe I can not entirely rule it out because of his demonic nature.

When Peter was eleven years old his father was about to rape him, he picked up a chair and hit his father was it and went out and raped a neighborhood woman from his church.  When the police came to the door, his parents lied for him.  That was the first time he felt loved.

Knowing he could no longer rape in his own neighborhood he went to the train station and figured out that Boston was close enough that he could get there and back in one day.  This is what he said.  He may be delusional because he is a pathological liar and a serial killer; but he may or may not be the Boston Strangler.  His parents figured it out and asked him to stop.

      After that he went to the Baptist Church and was baptized.  He felt that would take away his sin.  He felt he was not going to rape or murder again.

      When Peter became old enough to go to college his father wanted him to go far enough away that he could live away from home because the neighborhood did not like having a rapist in their midst.  So he went to Montclair State and that is where he met Rita Zot (now Denman.)

      She immediately recognized Peter as an evil soul.  She took him to her cult, drugged him and did her soul exam on him.  He talked about the rapes of the old women when he was the Boston Strangler.  Rita loved that.  He did not tell her about the murders was since he had been baptized and he felt that he had been forgiven for those.  This was all under truth serum.

Rita, never heard of the Boston Strangler and didn’t know he was also a murderer; but that would have made him all the more attractive.  Rita decided she loved Peter and wanted him for her prince and began a campaign to get him to want to marry her and be her prince.


But; to Rita’s consternation, Peter chose Lynn.


So Rita and Peter began the most bloody campaign in cult history, to kill and torture everyone involved with Lynn.


The cult is a satanic religion.  You are supposed to have a “reason” to kill someone.  This cult has decided the word “reason” is synonymous with the word excuse.

So everyone who knew Lynn, who liked Lynn, was tortured and most of them were killed.  Peter did this at Rita’s command thinking this was the only way he could get Lynn to marry him, because that is what Rita said.  He killed everyone in his path even though he was expected to kill Lynn on their wedding night at Rita’s command.

As all of her family and friends died Lynn was tortured and mind controlled into marrying Peter.


*** Randy and Barbara Simon of  West Orange New Jersey,   (May Be 325 park Place West Orange NJ)

Randy worked for O’Hara Construction.  Randy had a heart attack when he was 39.  Rita says they have big plans for the Simon’s middle daughter, Rachel. 


Rachel Simon will be the next Princess.

May have information buried in their walls.  Randy is in construction.

Their children Peter, Rachel and their youngest daughter, should be tested for date rape drugs and for brain damage and emotional abnormalities.  All the children have been repeatedly tortured and raped.








Dot Zot of Bergen or Passaic County.  Rita’s mother.


Dr. Lee Suckno  973-627-8915  170 E. Main St.  Suite 202 Rockaway New Jersey 07866 – probably the most insidious and despicable members of the cult.

Is the psychiatrist for the cult?  He prescribed medications known to cause suicide in young people.  He HAS two sets of books and client rosters. He told me this.


He didn’t come to see Liberty when she felt like she was going to kill herself.  A post hypnotic suggestion placed there by Peter and Rita.  He said he didn’t come because Peter told him it was too late.  I questioned that then he said Peter said I was making more out of it than it was.  Two totally different, cover his ass answers, because he knew all along killing Liberty was the goal.

Doesn’t believe rape is a crime.  Thinks all women want to be raped.  When I told him Peter was a rapist and a murderer he wouldn’t listen. “A rapist is one thing, and who knows if it’s rape, rape isn’t so bad, what he did to you and your daughters may or may not be rape since you are married, but murder is another and just put it out of my mind.”  I didn’t say the rape was on me.  How did he know that?

He’s the psychiatrist; doesn’t he know that is impossible?

Guilty of rape, multiple murders and eating a toddler alive


*Jane Reckenwald confirmed he was in the cult.



Anthony M Abore a lawyer from Ledgewood New Jersey, offered information that Peter was raping my daughters without being asked. Said they saw Peter rape my girls during his “shows” but would never give Peter up and I could not use them as a witness because the cult would kill them if they went up against Peter.

Succasunna NJ

The Lawyer for the cult.  Protects those who rape and murder. Doesn’t believe rape should be a crime. Said what I am doing is slander.

 Probably has 2 sets of books, and client rosters.

Saw me and all my daughters raped by Peter.  Said if I want to bring Peter up on charges for raping my daughters he wouldn’t stand in my way. Then he recognized who I was from my “sex show” and the whole tenor of the meeting changed.


*Jane Reckenwald confirmed he was in the cult.



Sergeant Allen of the Roxbury police department knew that Peter was raping my daughters. Would never give Peter up.  Rape shouldn’t be against the law.  Raping your dogs is not against the law because dogs are animals and we can do anything we want to our animals.  Said it is not against the law to rape your wife.  He stopped every subsequent investigation by saying I was being vindictive.

Guilty of murder, rape and cover-ups.

*Jane Reckenwald confirmed he was in the cult.


Dr. Lavenburg an Eye Doctor Bear Delaware


Stuart Leeds, the psychologist Parsippany New Jersey  973-257-9000 x 24  I believe he is the psychologist for the cult. He is the one who sent me to Anthony M Abore, the cult’s attorney.  May have 2 sets of books, and client rosters.


Dr. Green, a neurologist in the Hackettstown New Jersey area.  All of the torture and abduction drugs the cult uses cause neurological side effects.  this guy is important because if your ailment is cult caused he’ll make you feel crazy for complaining.


The Skylands Medical Group – Landing New Jersey,   One or more of those Doctors are in the cult.

Peter Wolf, a PR guy from the Verona New Jersey Area.

Jane Rectenwald  Morris County DA

The Morris County DA Office Manager worked for the cult until at least 2001 or  2002.

Thinks all women want to be raped.  Had a program put on her computer so every time Peter’s name came up for investigating she would be the one to take the case.

She said it came up so often she was beginning to wonder what kind of man she was protecting.  But she didn’t question them.

The man responsible for computer investigations in the Morris County DA’s office.

The Following Members knew Peter is a murderer and rapist and made up stories or gave the cult reasons to torture me so I would forget the terrible things Peter told me about his murders and rapes.

Each is guilty of multiple  counts of aggravated assault and they all are accomplices to murder.

Beate Gutermuth  address unknown probably living in Montclair, married name unknown. Beate is a new cult now.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder.



Carol Gutermuth  was living in Landing New Jersey last name Denman.  Re-married and moved to the mid-west.  Is also complicit in the murder of Walter Denman.

LKP 414-427-8863

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder. Ate a toddler alive




Joanna Gutermuth – Last Known Address or phone number- 19 prospect Pl,  West Orange 07052  – 973-731-0321

Mother of the new prince Eric.  Peter is his father.

 Had me tortured for many things I did not do.  Voted that I should be killed at age 29 a few months after the wedding. Said what I am doing is slander.

 Saw me and all my daughters tortured raped by Peter.

 Have been protecting Peter since they were nineteen, or younger.

 Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder.  Ate a toddler alive

Stefan and Jan Gutermuth 299 S. Hillside Ave.  Flanders, New Jersey 07836    973-584-3529


Carol and Ron Kinney, 16 Plymouth in   Yardley Pensylvania 19067  215-493-3458

started their own branch of the cult when they moved from Succasunna to Yardley.

Saw me and all my daughters tortured raped by Peter.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Ate a toddler alive



Roger and Sue White,

Rita thinks their son is Peter’s son.

Had me tortured for many things I did not do.  Susan had me tortured for giving her a five dollar barrette for her birthday.  I heard her talking about it during the torture.

  Voted that I should be killed at age 29 a few months after the wedding.

Peter is the father of their son.

Have been protecting Peter since they were nineteen.

Gave their daughter a seizure disorder using drugs and torture.  * Rita told me this.

Helped to try to kill me.  Guilty of rape and murder.

Judith Mollis – Massage therapist –

378 Millburn Ave.  973-763-1189

Had me tortured for many things I did not do.  Voted that I should be killed at age 29 a few months after my wedding to Peter. I heard her say she was having me tortured because she asked my opinion about what dress to wear to an Italian wedding.  I told her she should probably wear something other than a black dress.  So she had me tortured for giving my opinion after she asked me for my opinion.  Any answer would have gotten me tortured. 

Had me tortured over a dozen times including — Judith also had me tortured because she asked me to pick her up from the plastic surgeons at 1PM and after I waited for over an hour they told me Judith just had surgery and she wouldn’t be allowed to leave until 6PM so I asked Peter to pick her up on his way home.  That too was a setup.  Every conversation I ever had with Judith, because I thought she was my friend, were turned into reasons for torture.

  • Rita told me that I was scheduled to be sacrificed that night.

Saw me tortured by Peter. 

Has been protecting Peter since she was nineteen.  She said she believes everything he says.  Will go to the grave protecting him.

Rita said Judith is indispensable to the cult because she is so stupid she will do anything the cult requires.  Judith cleans up the children brought in for rape rituals.  They use styptic powder.

Judith said she would never have children because she doesn’t want to give them up to the cult.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder.

Judith ate a toddler alive

Jack McArdle, JR., Livingston, NJ– and his rents and friends. –  Jack lives with his rents in Livingston.  He works for Prudential in Florham park NJ

Had me tortured for saying that now that he was in his forties he might want to think about moving out of his parent’s house.


Had me tortured for Saying Bruce Springsteen played at my prom. (which he did, by the way)

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder  and rape.

Ate a toddler alive


Frank Giselli of UnitedTrust Bank now PNC Bank in Bridgewater New Jersey,

 John and Monica Anderson 9 Haynes Dr., Bloomfield New Jersey  07003 – 973-893-0031 members for about 12 years.

Work is Black Watch Productions 49 Murray St., NYC 10007 212-349-0869

Bring a continuous stream of victims to be tortured at the hands of the cult.  Had me tortured to see my “sex show,”  and again because I got hungry at his bar-be-queue.

Saw me and all my daughters tortured and raped by Peter.  All while knowing Peter is a murderer and rapist.

Will protect Peter because they want friends.

Continued to protect Peter even after they found out he had been lying about me in order to have reasons for torture.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder. John Raped Liberty.

Rita states John and Monica brought more new members than anyone else ever had.


Jay McDermott – Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Raped and tortured Liberty and our daughter Miranda.

Tortured me.


Yvette and Kevin O’Connell – 973-743-9344 – 36 Madison St.  Glen Ridge New Jersey 07028  members for about 12 years, brought in by the Anderson’s.  Go to the meetings to be tortured. They bring their daughter to be raped and tortured.  They have a daughter who should be tested for drugs, rape and brain damage.  Saw me and all my daughters tortured and raped by Peter.  They may have pictures of Peter raping their daughter.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Raped Liberty.



Carolyn and Mark Dacey 291 Pines Lake Dr. E., Wayne, New Jersey 07470-5008   973-839-7116

Carolyn works in NYC and Mark is a musician.

Had me tortured for many things I did not do.  Mark voted that I should be killed at age 29 a few months after the wedding.

Set it up so I could be raped at his house to conceive my daughter Liberty.  Rita felt that Liberty would be her’s if she was there at the conception. 

Had me tortured because he called me for advice of where to find dental tools and I forgot to mention it to Peter because Peter didn’t come home for several nights and I didn’t realize I was being tortured for every misstep.  I didn’t think it was important.  Peter also complained that I talked too much.

Saw me and all my daughters raped and tortured by Peter.

Will go to the grave protecting Peter.

They have a new son who should be tested for rape, torture and drugs.  Mark brings Carolyn so she can put on “sex shows.” * Rita told me this.

Rita said the cult wanted Mark to marry Carolyn so they could all rape her.

  Carolyn is a sister of someone in the cult a musician in one of Mark’s bands, and was scheduled to marry Mark since she was born.  Mark is not “supposed” to be famous because that would draw too much attention to the group.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder.  Mark and his brother-in-law Raped Liberty.

Donna Mangeot, 3403 Londonderry Dr.  Greensboro NC 27410  336-288-0590

She thought I was calling her from the grave.

She told me she voted that I should be killed at age 29 a few months after the wedding.  She apologized for that.

Saw me and all my daughters raped and tortured by Peter. Had me tortured for many things I did not do.

Has been protecting Peter since she was nineteen when Peter raped her.  She did not report the rape.

Will go to the grave protecting Peter because she is afraid the cult will kill her.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder.

  • She has been out of the cult for 6 years or so and she now feels remorse for some of the things she did like eating a toddler alive.


Chris and Cheryl Ventor   24 Elm Pl., BERKLEY HEIGHTS New Jersey 07922

908-322-6036  Rita thinks their son Milo is Peter’s son and daughter Nina is expected to bear Peter’s child.

Had me tortured for many things I did not do.  She voted that I should be killed at age 29 a few months after the wedding.

Saw me and all my daughters raped and tortured by Peter.

Has been protecting Peter since she was nineteen.

Will go to the grave protecting Peter.

Cheryl had me find out what type of roofing I used on my house.  She said she wanted to use the same kind. She had me tortured because I wondered why she didn’t use the same kind. I heard her say that at the torture.  I heard people question it but no one stopped it.

Saw me and all my daughters raped and tortured by Peter.

Her children, Milo and Nina are at risk of brain damage and life-long mental illness.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Raped Liberty.

Nina is one of Peter’s favorite rape victims.

  • Her husband, Chris may not be as loyal to Peter.


Julie Popovitch  76  S. Salem St.  Dover New Jersey 07801  973-361-0628

Gave early onset Alzheimer’s to husband John using Rita’s drugs and torture.  Rita told me this.  She probably also tortured and drugged her daughter Collette.  Collette is expected to bear Peter’s child.  Julie is a Dover New Jersey welfare administrator and is the one who puts cult members on the rolls when Rita wants them to work full time for her.

Saw me and all my daughters tortured and raped by Peter.

Julie has been protecting Peter since she was nineteen.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – John.  Helped to have Liberty raped.



Roger and Sue White, 25 Holoham Dr. Plainsborough, New Jersey,   08536  609-750-0047.

Rita thinks their son is Peter’s son. She may be right.

Directly responsible for having me tortured three times that I know of.

They had their daughter drugged and tortured and she ended up getting seizures for many years after that.

They saw my daughters and me tortured and added to the reasons.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Roger raped Liberty while Sue encouraged him.


Steven Kerlinger (Buck Dilly) of Warren County was expected to become a LCSW and practice psychology, to help those teenagers who didn’t become evil, commit suicide.


Andy Goesling’s wife Allison of  Annandale or Bunville New Jersey,   Andy is the “drone.”  Bands he is in include Blue Sparks from Hell, Railroad Earth and Kings in Disguise.  Allison is their sound person.


Jerry Baldwin of Warren County NJ


Tim Carbone of Warren County New Jersey,  Bands he is in include Blue Sparks from Hell, Railroad Earth and Kings in Disguise.


All of the Members of Blue Sparks from Hell, Railroad Earth and Kings in Disguise.


Jon Paris of NYC – Guitar Player


Tucker of Warren County New Jersey – lead singer for the Blue Sparks

Michael Nigro  Bethesda MD.  Mike poisoned his wife on their wedding night.  He tried to kill me and stabbed his friend “Stretch” to death when Stretch tried to stop him.

John McDermott of Randolph, New Jersey,   “Jay” was my first husband.

Joseph Lynch of Verona NJ

John and Penny Bellamy’s Parents, Port Morris, Roxbury Township New Jersey,

Phyllis Sperry and her mother of Port Morris, New Jersey,   Her son, Dan is supposedly Peter’s son.  Danny Sperry is on the cult’s hit list because he wasn’t evil enough.

John and Ramona O’Hara – Formerly of West Orange New Jersey,   He works for O’Hara and sons construction.  May now be in the same cult as Beate.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Raped Liberty.


The following are members whose names I don’t know –


Ann Marie Ward. Montclair  -Ward is her maiden name.  Supplies childhood stories as fuel for torture. Also belongs to the Upper Montclair Bowling Club.


Ellie or Eleanor ? From Prudential Florham Park


Beverly   From Prudential Florham Park

Dates Peter.  Her daughters are rape and torture victims.


Doc.  Brought to the cult by John Anderson.  I don’t know his real name.  He is in the hierarchy of the club. Rita said he supplies many of the drugs for the cult.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Raped Liberty.


Any pharmacist currently under investigation for over ordering psychotics, hypnotics, date rape drugs and torture drugs.


Probably have past affiliations and/or information—


Sandy and Bob Cole LAST KNOWN ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER 93 Salmon St. Reading Ma 01867

617-942-0667?  Since they moved out of state they might not be a part of that particular cult any longer but may have information.

Voted to have me killed.


Margie and John Goetz – LAST KNOWN ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER   40 Indian Hill Rd., Medfield, MA 02052.  Margie is a very good friend of Rita Denman’s and Rita said she has no friends outside the cult.  They have children who are at risk.

Voted to have me killed.


Joseph Lynch  Verona NJ?

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Raped Liberty.


Peter Mickelsen’s Father and Sister know for a fact Peter is a rapist and murderer – both told me this.  They live in Beaver falls Pensylvania,

Sister Betsy Miller –3224 5th Ave.   724-847-0279

Anton Edward Mickelsen. Peter’s Father Covered for Peter for many, many  years – since he was 11.

1220 9th Ave.    734-847-3572 . he has been protecting  Peter for 45 years but may reconsider since he is now in his 80s, and my want to confess.

They both believe Peter is the Boston Strangler and have known since that time that he is a murderer and rapist.  They have been protecting him since he was eleven.



Probably have information—



Those with additional information –

* Linda used to live across the street at 541 Main St. Landing New Jersey saw the person Peter hired to come and kill me.  she saw him try to get in the house and then chase me around the front porch trying to get to let him in.  she called the police.

Peter was angry and said I should have let him in it would be the thrill  of a lifetime for the “kid”.  He wanted to kill Linda for calling the police.




Morristown DA’s Office Anthony Mauceri 973- 829- 8403  – Knows about Jane Reckenwald and the cases she took from him.  He and Jane both believed me but Anthony Mauceri was trying to help when she stopped him.


Note       I am probably not spelling Jane Reckenwald  correctly.


Eric Gutermuth and Rachael Simon, both originally from West Orange are now the Prince and Princess of the Cult.

About Lynn Mickelsen

Monday, January 27th, 2014

My name was Lynn Mickelsen while I was a prisoner in a blue house and slave of a “club” based in northern New Jersey. I worked nights and weekends naming products, bands and internet services, or anything else the “club” wanted me to do.  I would wake up in the morning and remember nothing about the work and meetings, and I never received ANY money.  I could only remember my 9 – 5 job at a bank.

Also, there’s a HUGE bounty on my head that the cult I escaped from is offering but has no intention of paying.  The plan is to have me killed and then to kill the person trying to collect the bounty.  I thought up the plan and the amount because I thought it was going to be the plot in a movie. I told the people who wanted the plan, “This is one movie no one will want to see.”  In short, anyone who kills me will be killed within 24 hours and will never see a dime.  John Alexander, the man in charge of my torture and that of the prisoners of GITMO, confirmed that this is the plan.  He also told me he read my book ‘Babble On,’ and it changed his heart.  He suggested I rewrite ‘Babble On’ as nonfiction since it is the truth.  John said I got everything right.  I rewrote it as two books, ‘the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen,’ and, ‘the Truth about Lynn Mickelsen.’  John Alexander and Dick Cheney both told me to put Lynn Mickelsen in the title, and they said I had written the definitive book on good and evil. 

  Now I’m RVing but I’m still a prisoner in that I can’t get in touch with anyone, and no one can get in touch with me, except in person.  When someone calls or emails me those correspondences are intercepted by someone pretending to be me.   According to John Alexander my daughters are now slaves and prisoners, and they get tortured each time we speak on the phone.


I found out about the other life I’d been living during a grueling five-hour conversation I detail in my eBook, ‘the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen.’ The reason I knew nothing about my own life was because I suffered selective amnesia induced with drugs, torture and electricity.  I’ve written the eBook, ‘Garden of the Light,’ as a lighter, inspirational compliment to the eBooks – ‘the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen,’ and, ‘the Truth about Lynn Mickelsen’ which are intended to shed a new, totally different  light on the current world situation and change the world for the better.

Armageddon is a Greek word meaning, ‘the Ancient Knowledge is Revealed.’ I consider the book, ‘the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen,’ as Armageddon because it reveals the ancient knowledge of the Satanic church and other religions.  My view of Armageddon has no battle, no war, and no army.  I believe the knowledge in ‘the Conversation’ is enough to heal the world.  Remember – the Pen is Mightier than the Sword.

The blog lists just some of the accomplishments I achieved as a slave, to let everyone I’ve helped over the past sixty years know who I am.  I will finally claim my life!

Note: My Young Adult eBook is ‘Confusion turned to Chaos.’  If you put these books in your library, they are free on

Confusion turned to Chaos

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Confusion turned to Chaos

High School Relationships, Cliques, Racism, and the Mafia through the eyes of fifteen year old Lynn Mickelsen. Get this eBook for free if you are a Smashwords member. The Picture is a link to the book.

Confusion turned to Chaos

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Confusion turned to Chaos

High School Memoir, Mafia, Cliques and Racism

John Alexander

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Lynn Mickelsen was the property of a Satanic Church based in Northern New Jersey.  She was used as a slave on countless projects and had her memory scrubbed after each one.  Torture, drugs and hypnotism were used to erase any memory of anything outside of her home and nine to five job.  She’s still a prisoner now that her memories have been recovered because the people in her life are surrounded by Satanists working for them, and she can’t get through to anyone.  This past year and a half have been a living Hell.  This is a physically and emotionally painful time now knowing there are people who’ve been trying to reach her and they can’t, and now that she remembers them, all of her efforts to reach them are blocked.  Her phones and emails are all compromised.  Her incoming calls and emails are rerouted and her outgoing calls and emails go to someone else who then pretends to be the person she’s trying to reach.

The cult had put a ludicrous bounty on her that they will never pay.  They plan to kill the person who tries to collect the bounty.  Lynn thought up the plan, thinking it was a movie plot.

Lynn changed her name to Grace Gardener and began traveling in a little old RV in 2007.  She was unaware that anyone, other than cult members, was looking for her so she stayed hidden until the summer of 2012 when her memory returned.  At this point the only way to talk with her is face to face.  If you call one of her phones and someone answers be careful because it may or may not be Grace.

Ret. AF/NSA Maj. Gen. (his rank)  John Alexander (his cult name) was in charge of torture at GITMO.  He was a member of the cult that held Lynn Mickelsen prisoner her whole life.  He was in charge of keeping Lynn a prisoner, torturing her, and erasing her memory.  He supplied the cult with horrific torture drugs, night vision goggles, spy cameras and satellite access.  He needed help planning Zero Dark Thirty so he found Lynn living in her RV under the name Grace Gardener.  His plan was to solicit her help because the NSA didn’t have a workable plan to capture Bin Laden, and Grace had helped on many, many missions before and John knew what she was capable of.  After he got the plan he was going to kill her as the cult had directed.  Once he found out her new name, he found her books ‘Babble On,’ and ‘Garden of the Light’ and he read them.  Many of the things she wrote about changed his heart.  Meeting her, spending time with her, and listening to her philosophy and outlook for a brighter future he knew he couldn’t kill her.  Never-the-less he erased the memory of his visits before he left.

John said he felt as though he had been let out of a dark closet into the light.  He confirmed it was one woman against a team of around 3,500 Satanists all working against Grace.  Grace wants World Peace, harmony, a greener earth, less disease and a plentiful healthy food supply.  Dick Cheney and John Alexander believe Grace is capable of turning things around.  Satanists want to continue their mission for ruining the earth so they all work against her.  This is NOT a fair fight.  If you want to see what Grace is capable of you have to step back like John Alexander did.

John is now one of Grace’s Angels.

Think Peace.

Garden of the Light

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Garden of the Light

Philosophy, Photography, Poetry


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